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Global developers wanted for AGM X1

  After developers built the custom ROM of Lineage OS for the AGM X1, AGM announced that

Now AGM A8 can install Resurrection Remix OS

The third party custom ROMs have long been one of important factors to the reason why those user

Now AGM A8 gets Lineage OS

Since the CyanogenMod was announced to shut down the service forever, afterwards the Lineage OS

Lineage OS is not enough! The AGM X1 released source code for developers

As we all well know, Android is a open source project powered by Google, which allows anyone to

Android 7.0-Powered AGM A8 Available Now

From now on All the AGM A8s for purchase are powered by Android 7.0 Nougat and are starting ship

AGM X1: the rise of outdoor smartphone

What is Outdoor smartphone ? It is what many people may have not heard of this phone until recently,

AGM X1 one of the best outdoor phones

For many people the large and bulky designs of modern day’s fully rugged smartphones might be

AGM X1 Rugged Smartphone Review

The AGM X1 is a rugged smartphone that, unlike most rugged phones, features a sleek and beautiful de

No charging for 3 days! AGM X1 with 5400mAh battery launched

On July 22th AGM X1 was unveiled in launch event “Never be more free on trip” held by AG