Actions Gains Memory!


About AGM


Established in 2008 by a passionate team of innovators, AGM was envisioned as a phone that would not just be a communication device but also a handy practical assistant built to withstand and work in the toughest of environments. Being water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and with high volume batteries, it is now a pioneer of outdoor mobile devices, incorporating in the latest technologies for rugged devices.


AGM’s regular investments in micro-innovations have borne a remarkable effect on outdoor mobile technologies. Since 2011, AGM has garnered much respect and established itself as the leading brand of outdoor mobile devices.


AGM develops and produces mobile phones based on IP68 and MIL-STD-810G outdoor standards. Besides, AGM proposed and creatively set up its own outdoor standard called OEPT (Outdoor Environments Performance Test). AGM has been a standard maker of outdoor smartphone.


AGM Vision


Make the best quality outdoor mobile devices. Be your powerful assistance whenever and wherever.


AGM Value


We at AGM reserve a spirit of exploration which is reflected in the new technologies featured in our devices. We encourage our users to instill this spirit of finding new discoveries in both their personal and professional lives. The world is an adventure to explore, with many unknown places and challenges. AGM is constantly in an exploration of the best outdoor technologies and perfectly syncs with the users’ necessities for durable and strong outdoor devices in tough environments.


AGM Culture


Action Gains Memory. Do not stop with just imagination, take action. The action performed with all your heart will subsequently create a good memory. Start, but never stop.