Where can I purchase AGM phones?

Dear Customer,

You can purchase any AGM products from our authorized stores, check here for the store list:

Due to the district limit, some shops might not able to ship to your country. Pick one store that is compatible to your needs to continue your purchase

How to check if the networld frequance is compatible to my country?

Dear Customer,
1) Check which network standard and which frequency band your phone supports 
2) Search your local network operator via Google browser to learn more about the latest local network standard and the frequency bands;
click here to check(just for reference):http://maps.mobileworldlive.com
3) If there is a frequency bands which your phone supports matched with the local frequency bands, you can use the phone in your country

How to use OTA to update Android system?

Dear Customer,
Find the app"updater".It will show that your system is up-to-date after update package installed