Do you want to join a community of people, and work together for the betterment of something greater than the sum of its parts?

What do you will get?

1, A latest testing phone samples from AGM. Samples are free of charge. If any local import tax happen, AGM will pay.

2, The annual experience officers rewarding

What do you need to do?

1, Test the phone with all local operator's SIM card.

2, Test and record the basic local mobile network functions performance of the phone, including 4G/5G Internet, 2G/3G Calling, 4G Volte calling, Wifi Calling, MMS sending and receiving, Input method, Signal density and stability.

3, Test and record the phone performance of WIFI connection, Bluetooth connection, Charging, Operation System, PTT function.

4, Test Andorid phone basic pre-installed applications, such as what'sapp, facebook, sello, skype

5, Test phone Audio and Video performance, including receivers, loudspeaker, handfree talking, Bluetooth speaker and earphone connection.

6, Test the phone and repeat the issues that proposed by other local users. Catch log files and provide to AGM.

(Some models may not have all above functions, it depends on the phone specification. AGM can provide test methods.)

Which conditions do you need?

1.Have more experience in Internet APP applications and use of smartphones, and have great curiosity and interest in the Internet and the surrounding new things.

2.Serious, responsible, not afraid of trouble, can accept repetitive work; can complete the experience task as scheduled, good at analysis and summary.

3.Have a certain degree of creativity; boldly propose constructive design solutions for new products, such as: camera performance or call requirements indicators in the region.

4.Give first-time experience feedback on the latest released software version, and make suggestions for improvement.

5.please record your videos as described above and upload it to YouTube, and send us the videos links.

How to apply? Skypefidelfang