8GB+128GB, What is it? Smartphone Terms Decoded

8GB+128GB, What is it? Smartphone Terms Decoded

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Before understanding these two parameters, we first need to know what ROM and RAM are. ROM means Read Only Memory, which means this kind of memory can only be read, not write. ROM and RAM are both a storage technology, but the principle is different, RAM for random storage, power failure will not save data, while ROM can be in the case of power failure, but still save the original data.

We all know that there is memory and hard disk, in fact, memory is a RAM technology, while ROM is similar to hard disk technology. In cell phones, RAM refers to cell phone memory, which belongs to the internal memory of the phone and belongs to random storage, which plays an important role in determining the performance of the phone configuration. In addition, after a power failure, the data is cleared and the software is not in the login state after restarting the phone.

ROM belongs to external storage, for example, we can often buy SD cards to put inside the phone, cell phone ROM is what we usually say memory card, can also be simply understood as cell phone hard disk. It is used to store phone system files, pictures, movies, etc. It will not lose data when the power is dropped, and the larger the ROM, the more data will be stored.

Here 8GB is the parameter of RAM, 128GB is the parameter of ROM. In cell phones, RAM refers to the phone memory, for cell phones to see the performance, in addition to look at the phone processor is to see the memory, the larger the memory phone configuration is better.

The larger the ROM, the larger the phone can store things, the larger the capacity, the more expensive the phone is generally, many phones of the same model different versions are divided by the ROM capacity. Take AGM Mobile as an example, the same phone model can be divided into 8GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB, the latter will be more expensive than the former.

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