How to choose the best mobile phone for you?

How to choose the best mobile phone for you?

As a smart product, a mobile phone has a lot of parameters or terms. If you are not a professional in the field of mobile phones, you may be very confused when you see these parameters. AGM Mobile, as a professional manufacturer of rugged phone, we are very happy to share our knowledge in our professional field with you.
As the saying goes, "to catch bandits, first catch the ringleader". It means to solve the most important problems first, then the other problems will be easier to solve.

The main core parts of mobile phone hardware include: CPU + screen + camera + memory + battery.

1. CPU
The CPU is the core component that determines the performance of the mobile phone, which can be understood as the human brain.
The number of cores, processing speed, memory support, and GPU (display chip) of the CPU determine the performance of the CPU. GPU (display chip): GPU plays the picture at how many frames per second, and also has the algorithm of picture processing, which determines the fluency of the mobile phone display.
In terms of brands, there are mainly HiSilicon Kirin, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Orion, MediaTek, and Apple's A series. For comparison, it depends on the specific model. On the whole, Kirin, Snapdragon and Apple handle better.

2. Memory (RAM/ROM)
The RAM and ROM of the mobile phone are also very important. We can simply understand them as the memory and hard disk of the computer. The memory is responsible for the operation of the program and data exchange, and the hard disk is the space used to store data.
These two configurations are basically the bigger the better. The current mainstream is the 6GB+64GB combination.

3. Battery
The quality of the battery life directly affects the usage time of the mobile phone, so the capacity of the battery (unit: mAh) is very important. Nowadays, mobile phones with a power of 3000+mAh account for the majority, and those that can reach or even exceed 4000mAh are very good. As for mobile phones less than 3000mAh, you should choose carefully.
Of course, the length of battery life is also related to system optimization, screen size and other factors. In addition, mobile phones that support fast charging also have a better experience when using them.

4. Camera
Taking pictures is a function that we use more every day, so the camera of the mobile phone and related configurations need to be paid attention to.
There are two parameters that determine the quality of a camera: pixel + aperture
The first is the camera's pixels, aperture, and sensor elements. Generally speaking, the larger the pixel and aperture, the better, but it should be noted that the size and value of the aperture are opposite, for example, the aperture of F1.5 is larger than that of F2.0. There are two main types of sensors, CMOS and CCD, both of which have their own merits. Sony IMX is a good brand.
In addition, we will also find that the photos taken by some mobile phones with high pixels are worse than those with low pixels. This problem cannot be ignored, because the computing power of mobile phones will also have an important impact on the imaging effect.

5. Screen
As the main window for user interaction, the quality of the screen is crucial.
Today's mobile phone screens mainly have two camps: LCD and OLED. In comparison, OLED is more advanced and appears more on high-end models. As for performance, there are parameters such as resolution, brightness, color gamut, and contrast. Of course, screens with the same parameters are also of good quality.

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