The most cold-resistant rugged phone, can be used as usual in -27 ℃ outdoor!

The most cold-resistant rugged phone, can be used as usual in -27 ℃ outdoor!

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Waterproof, anti-drop, dustproof, rugged phones have been a long time, but now the large screen touch phone is prevalent, tough phones gradually fall into a niche, but it still has its own value of existence.

For specific groups of people, rugged phone is still essential. Delivery boys, engineers, field workers and even explorers, their living environment is always difficult to avoid high temperature, high humidity, high altitude, cold, wind, sand and mud, vibration and even rain soaked and other harsh conditions. This time ordinary cell phones may not be able to withstand, a rugged phone that can accompany them, is undoubtedly the best choice.

The new AGM Glory Pro, the first thing worth mentioning is that AGM is widely known for its waterproof, dustproof and dropproof skills, weighing 370g, it definitely stands up to the test in terms of protective materials. What's more, this generation of AGM Glory Pro does not stop there, it also challenges the natural enemy of electronic products - the cold.

Every winter, the ordinary phone is basically unable to be used outdoors. This is not only because of freezing hands, but also because the performance loss of lithium batteries in low temperatures will be greatly increased, so the phone will trigger protection in low temperatures, power down fast or directly black screen shutdown, can not be used.

To solve this problem, the AGM Glory Pro starts with both the battery itself and thermal protection. The battery itself also uses a more cold-resistant electrolyte and porous cathode material, solving the problem of lithium battery performance dropping dramatically at low temperatures; in addition, the phone enhances water insulation and designs the copper tube from SOC to battery internally, using the SOC as a heat source to provide thermal protection and reduce the impact of temperature on its performance. 

Even in the bitter cold of -30°C, it is able to provide a long working time of 5.3 hours, while other phones will just quickly black out and shut down, leaving you paralyzed.

Although we cannot test the performance at -30°C, we can see the performance of AGM G1 Pro at 0°C with the help of refrigerator.

cold-resistant rugged phone

Even when placed in water and frozen into ice, the AGM Glory Pro still works properly. This proves its excellent water barrier capability on the one hand, and its low-temperature resistant design is really effective.

Remove the phone to see the temperature of the core components. Although the surface is immersed in ice and water mixture for a long time, the temperature reaches 0℃ or even lower, and it is a bit cold in the hand. But the battery still keeps working at 5°C, and the core temperature is kept at about 15°C, providing constant thermal protection for the battery.

The real technology can withstand the torture of the cold.

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