Smartphone terms decoded, MP, IR Lens, Macro Lens, what are they?

Smartphone terms decoded, MP, IR Lens, Macro Lens, what are they?

When we see some technical terms of cell phones or cameras, such as MP, IR Lens, etc., we may be confused as to what the meaning behind them is and how to define the good or bad of the products. Next in this article, I will explain in detail the meaning of these terms to help you understand and better select products.

1, What is MP?

MP stands for mega pixel. mega means one million and mega pixel means one million pixels. A "pixel" is the smallest unit of light sensitivity on a camera's light-sensitive device. Like the silver grains of photographic film in an optical camera, the light-sensitive spots on the "film" (memory card) of a digital camera are pixels.

To get a high resolution (i.e., fine photos), you must have a certain number of pixels. Of course, it is not the case that the larger the number of pixels, the clearer the photo will be, but the clarity of the photo is determined by the "dot image", not the number of pixels. The number of pixels is the sum of effective pixels, and the dot pixels are how many pixels per dot (inch, etc.).

2, what is IR?

IR lens is infrared lenses, mainly used for night vision, surveillance cameras. It uses a special optical glass material and the latest optical design methods to eliminate the visible and infrared light focal plane shift, so the light from the visible to infrared light area can be imaged in the same focal plane, so that the image can be clear. In addition, IR infrared lens also uses a special multi-layer coating technology to increase the transmission rate of infrared light, so the camera with IR lens is far more effective than the camera with an ordinary lens to monitor the distance at night.

Ordinary lens at night with infrared light, the focus position will change. IR lens focus in infrared light and visible light are consistent. It is also called the flush lens.

Because of the night use, the aperture should be larger than the ordinary lens. Aperture is called the relative aperture, expressed in F, indicating the effective diameter of the lens and the relationship between the focal length. The smaller the value, the better the effect.

 3, what is Macro Camera?

Macro lens is a special lens used for macro photography, mainly for shooting very fine objects, such as flowers and insects, etc. Modern macro lenses are also good with new optical technology to compensate for a variety of aberrations from macro to infinity range of focal lengths, not only for shooting flowers and still life, and portraits, landscapes, etc., is a highly versatile lens.

Macro photography allows for close-up images of tiny or detailed objects, such as insects. Photographers use macro lenses when shooting close-ups because of their ability to focus at very short distances. Macro lenses are designed to allow for life-size images or better Macro photography has been used to capture certain details on objects and also to capture details that would not normally be seen without a magnifying lens.

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