Dumbphone or Smartphone?

Dumbphone or Smartphone?

Because of its function and appearance, people have always associated smartphones with young people and rugged phones with old people, but now more and more young people are choosing to use rugged phones.

Why is that?

I think the most important point is that we are dominated by all kinds of apps, smartphone can install all kinds of apps, but rugged phone only has the most basic functions such as making phone calls and sending text messages due to the limitation of technical conditions. This limits people's access to a wider online world to the greatest extent.

I'm a 27 year old, I'm currently using an iphone 8, but I really want to change my phone, I want to try rugged phone, the next is my personal experience, maybe not universal, but somewhat representative.

It's really rare for me to be able to spend a continuous hour doing something without being disturbed by other messages. When I'm working, I get messages from people on social media, and work groups often have message alerts, and even though they may not have anything to do with me at all, I still need to take the time to read them. Outside of work hours, my time is more fragmented. One minute I browse through the answers on Quora, one minute I chat with my friends on WhatsApp, one minute I browse on Facebook, one minute I browse shopping sites to see if there is anything I can buy, then I play games, then I browse Tinder to see if there are someone who has hooked up with me, and so on. I seem to be really busy, I have multiple apps to browse, but when I'm done, it's like I'm not browsing anything, but my time is passing while I'm switching between apps. The problem is, I don't get any information that helps me, I don't remember anything, and sometimes I even get some spam and I want to say what the fuck, I've been receiving information passively and I never have a choice about what I want to receive. Wait, I get it, all these seem to be social media apps.

But I have to admit that there are some tool apps that are essential, personally, like Google Map, like Uber, like Airbnb, that really have made my travels easier.

So to be precise, my life has become more convenient because of tool apps, but also more fragmented and meaningless because of various social media apps.

So, at the moment I have two options, first, buy a smartphone, but only download some necessary tools, but as a human, I want to socialize, can I resist not downloading any social media apps? Instantly, I know that once I download this type of app, my time will definitely be divided. The other option is to buy a rugged phone, whether it's a social app or a tool app, I can't download it. I seem to be relearning how to live without my smartphone.

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