Introducing classic feature phone - AGM M6

Introducing classic feature phone - AGM M6

With the development of the times, smart phones have become more and more powerful and popular, but this does not mean that feature phones will permanently withdraw from the stage of history. It still has its own audience, such as the elderly, and those who want to escape the chaos Online world, young people who pursue a minimalist life, etc.
The AGM M6 feature phone is one such phone for these audiences. Next, I will introduce this phone in detail.

1, Water-proof/ Drop-proof/ Dust-proof
As a classic feature phone, AGM M6 has passed professional IP68/IP69K test, Water-proof means it can stay well under 1.5 meter depth water. Drop-proof means that it will not crack after a 2-meter drop. Dust-proof means that it can resist almost all dusts in the environment. When you accidentally drop your phone on the beach or in the water, don't panic, don't check it for damage, just keep using it. Because it is very sturdy and durable.

2. Elderly friendly and Easy to use
M6 can be said to be born for simplicity. It has clear operation system with most basic features, the only set up is to plug in the sim card. In addition, it has a big green call button, well-arranged kaypad, a 2.4'' display to give bright and clear images, an easily controllable system to easily navigate the phone menu.
This phone does not allow you to install any apps, simply understand that you can only make calls, answer calls, send and receive text messages, and listen to music. The online world is too cluttered, and if you want to escape it, this phone is also a great choice.

Convenient network, updated smart phones have brought great convenience to people's lives, but for people with weak self-control, it may bring huge negative effects, playing games and chatting with smart phones for a long time, watching videos, and browsing social networking sites have changed people's way of life to a large extent, such as fragmenting people's time. Now many people will check their mobile phones from time to time, even if there is no information related to you. If we are used to this way, it is really difficult for us to escape, but buying such a functional phone may give you new experiences and opportunities.

3. 3.5W 109dB Loud Speaker
This phone is really friendly for the elderly or those who have trouble getting out of bed. Because it's really loud enough, you can't ignore the volume. In addition, you can also use it as a music player, a live radio, it is not only loud but also has very good sound quality.

4. Other relevant information
2500mAh battery capacity, can last for 360 hours, you can use type-c cable or use charging dock to charge it.

Press the orange side-key, instantly turn on the torch, to help you light up the darkness.

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