Three tips AGM AGM Glory G1S’s Thermal Imaging Camera Users

Three tips AGM AGM Glory G1S’s Thermal Imaging Camera Users

AGM Glory G1S’s thermal imaging is a powerful function, helps our users deal with different situations, such as industry situations, forestry, and daily usage. For example, an infrared thermometer is not the best option when doing temperature checks for pipes or electronic devices. It can only check the temperature in a small area. Glory’s thermal imaging boosts efficiency for temperature checks.


Because a thermal imaging device can instantly provide you with visual information about temperature differences. It has similar accuracy to infrared thermometers, which will shorten your working time.


Although AGM Glory G1S has the most powerful thermal imaging device in the phone market, there are still things you can do to improve your function.


Shape measurement

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, thermal imaging devices give you instant visual information about temperatures. However, it gives you the temperature of the entire picture. It is hard to distinguish the temperature of each object in the scene.


Ease your worry now! We have thought about it! On AGM Glory G1S, you can draw shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, or even a line. Tap Pro, and tap ROI on the top menu. Then you draw shapes, lines, and points. It will tell you the maximum, minimum, and average temperature within the shape. If it is a line, then the screen will show the corresponding temperatures across the line.

(This video introduces how to measure temperatures in certain area)


Color mode

Glory Pro can present the temperature in a fast and accurate fashion. It usually shows the temperature in two colors to represent their differences. For example, under the white-hot mode, brighter objects are hotter and dark objects are colder. However, the white-hot mode may not be the best choice for every situation. It only shows black and white. It is a great tool under darkness because it will show you objects in front of the camera. However, the problem is the white-hot mode does not show too much temperature difference. The Iron mode has a greater variety of colors.


It uses blue and purplish colors to represent cold objects in the environment. Red colors represent the ambient temperature, and the hottest objects are presented yellow like a piece of melting iron. The iron mode has a clearer presentation of temperature, hence it is good at monitoring temperature. We also designed different color modes for more situations. Tap pallets, there are many options, like grey, sky, lava, etc.


(This video introduces how to change color palletes.)



Since the Glory Pro did not directly attach to the object, it may not always be accurate for every measure. The thermal imaging device captures the heat radiations emitted by the object. However, although radiation gives us information about the temperature of an object, different materials do it differently. The heat radiation of water is significantly different from the heat radiation of metal, even if it has a similar temperature. Therefore, an accurate temperature measurement needs the user to adjust our device according to the object.


(This video introduces how to adjust the emissivity and make measurement more accurate.)

In the thermal imaging app, tap temperature parameters. You will be able to adjust your current emissivity. Adjust it according to the object you are measuring, and it will give you a more accurate result.

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