10 best hiking places in Europe and England

10 best hiking places in Europe and England

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NO.1 Italy Blue Trail

The blue path is close to the coastline, with five beautiful hillside villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. This section of the journey requires at least 360 steps, narrow passages or dirt roads planted with olive trees on both sides. Seeing the poetic scenery on the road, the fatigue of hiking will dissipate. Wherever the blue trail goes, it is a gathering place of colors. The "Road of Love" between Riomaggiore and Manarola is full of colorful graffiti and oaths of love.

Location: Province of La Spezia, Liguria, Italy

Length: 15-20 kilometers

Duration: 5-7 hours

Difficulty: easy

Best months: April-May, September-October

Important note: To hike the Cinque Terre, you need to purchase a ticket - the Cinque Terre Card.

NO.2 France Corsica GR20

The GR20 route is known as the most beautiful hiking route in Europe, and it is well-known in the outdoor circle. Corsica is world-famous because of Napoleon, and it attracts countless tourists with its beautiful and long coastline, blue sea, white and fine sandy beaches.

Corsica is actually a veritable mountain on the sea. The mountains in the north soar into the sky, the bays in the south are quiet and beautiful, and the lakes in the mountains hang like mirrors, but the hiking routes are difficult and dangerous. The GR20 route is 180 kilometers long, wild, desolate, fascinating and full of challenges. In the most difficult sections, you even need to carry weight on the cliff without any protective measures and with less than an inch of foothold.

Specific location: Corsica, France, in southeastern France, western Italy

Length: 180 km

Duration: 16 days

Difficulty: Difficult

Best months: late June, early September

Important note: on this hiking route, because it is difficult to reach by means of transportation and it is difficult to transport materials manually, most of the supply is by helicopter.

NO.3 Sweden King’s Trail

The King's Trail is known as "one of the oldest hiking routes in Europe", and it is gradually becoming a check-in place for outdoor enthusiasts. This route claims to have the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, with solemn and quiet snow-capped mountains, green mountain wilderness, dense birch forests, and vast low-lying mountains, bringing huge landscape differences and stunning visual experience. The trail is divided into four sections, and each section takes about a week to hike. By far the most popular section is between the northernmost point, Abisko, and Mount Kebner - Sweden's highest mountain.

Specific location: Between Hemavan and Abisko in northern Sweden

Length: 440 km (4 routes)

Duration: 7 days (1 route)

Difficulty: Moderate

Best months: late June to early September

Important note: It is generally best to walk from north to south when walking in the North Pole, because you can always walk against the sun.

NO.4 Norway Besseggen Ridge

Bess Ridge has become one of the most famous hiking routes in Norway due to its suitable difficulty and charming scenery. It was once commented by National Geographic as one of the "20 most thrilling hiking routes in the world". The thrill of the Besseggen Ridge is different from that of general hiking routes. The Besseggen ridge has no danger, and the charming scenery on the ridge is fascinating.

Specific location: Sogn-Fjordana and Oppland counties, Norway, Jotunheimen National Park

Length: 23 kilometers

Difficulty: Moderate

Best months: June-October

Important note: Besseggen Ridge is suitable for hikers of all levels. The distance is moderate and the slope is relatively gentle. However, there are still a few sections of the road that are narrow and relatively steep. Be careful when passing. 

NO.5 German Rhine Trail

In 2005, the German states of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, and North Rhine-Westphalia jointly planned and built the Rhine Trail. With its tight route network, complete and clear road signs, rich landscape and cultural history, the Rhine Trail won the award of "the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany".

Walking on such a trail, you can not only see the unique scenery of western Germany, but also feel the rigor of Germany. Both Bonn and Wiesbaden can be used as the starting point of the trail, and the other end is the end point; it is generally divided into four major road sections (Seven Ridge Mountains, Lower Rhine Valley, Upper Rhine Valley, Rhine Heights) and 23 small road sections.

Specific location: The upper Rhine valley in Germany, from Wiesbaden in Hesse to Bonn in North Rhine-Westphalia along the right bank of the Rhine

Length: 320 kilometers

Difficulty: Moderate

Best months: spring, summer, autumn

Important note: There are blue and white signs "RHEINSTEIG" along the main road.

NO.6 Spain The King’s little Path

The King El Chorro Trail is built on a cliff 100 meters high from the El Chorro River in the canyon, with a length of about 7.7 kilometers, of which 3 kilometers are paved with wooden boards, about 1 meter wide, and the narrowest point is no more than 50 cm. The sky is towering, and the valley on one side is deep and the water is rushing, so this trail is known as "the most thrilling plank road in the world". In 1921, King Alfonso XIII of Spain wanted to unveil the reservoir, so the plank road passed through the canyon, so this plank road was also called "King's Walk".

The trail is very spectacular. The whole trail is built in a unique natural environment. The path extends between 3 canyons, some of which are mountain trails, and most of them are boardwalks. It goes in one direction, from north to south, starting at the town of Ardales and ending at Alora.

Specific location: El Chorro Canyon, Malaga province, southern Spain

Length: 7.7 km

Best time to hike: All year round

Important note: The trail needs to be booked in advance, and there are only 600 places per day, and hikers must wear safety helmets to enter. 

NO.7 Swiss Highland Beauty Road

The beautiful road in the Swiss Highlands, the route crosses France and Switzerland. It starts from the small town of Chamonix at the foot of the main peak of the Alps, the first half of which passes through Argentiere, France, and arrives in Switzerland, along the village of Trian until The town of Xianbei with lakes and mountains is the same as the route around Mont Blanc. In the second half, you are in the mountains of the Alps. Between mountains, you can almost see all the steep and straight peaks in the Alps above 4,000 meters above sea level, and finally come to the foot of the most beautiful mountain in the Alps, the Matterhorn. Much more than a simple hike around Mont Blanc.

Specific location: France, Switzerland, the starting point is located in the small town of Chamonix on the eastern border of France, adjacent to Italy and Switzerland, and the end point is located in Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland

Length: 180 km

Best hiking time: mid-June to mid-September

Important note: This route is a purely hiking route, no permit is required, climbing skills and equipment are not required, but physical requirements are high.

NO.8 British West Highland Trail

Scotland's first officially sanctioned long-distance walking track, the West Highland Track runs from Millgate in Glasgow to Fort William. This is a hiking route leading directly to the most beautiful scenery in Scotland. From the Scottish countryside to the national park, from the secluded lakeshore path to the steep mountain path, the West Highland Trail uses its unique way to show the beauty of Scotland to the passing people. It walks through the Rannock marshes, or dances among the hills of Campsie. No matter where you go, it can take you to appreciate the soft or wild beauty of Scotland, and the difficulty of conquering the hills and hills of the West Highlands will make you You have a deep memory.

Specific location: Scotland, UK

Length: 154 km

Best hiking time: April-October

Important note: There are luggage consignment companies throughout the trip, and you can hand over your luggage to them for easy hiking.

NO.9 British Cotswolds AONB

Cotswolds is a collective name for a region, referring to this idyllic countryside west of Oxford and north of Bath. On this hill, there are hundreds of ancient and elegant English villages and small towns scattered. Elegant colors, tranquil atmosphere, long history and representative romantic rural scenery of England attract tourists from all over the world.

The local tourism bureau has connected classic villages and towns together and planned a romantic road - the Cotswold Road, which has become the essence of England's rural travel.

Location: Cotswolds, London, UK

Length: 164 km

Best time to hike: April-September

NO.10 Russia Ergaki

Yelkaki Nature Park, known as "Russia's Yosemite", is little known outside of Russia. Stepping on this hiking route is like stepping into God's back garden. The park's mountainous terrain, clear lakes, dense coniferous forests, and diverse biodiversity provide hikers with a compact landscape. The park is densely covered with streams, passing through the dense taiga forest, green grass, colorful flowers, fine water vapor in the morning light, permeating the entire forest, and finally rushing forward with the most primitive force, forming a spectacular waterfall.

Specific location: Russia, Krasnoyarsk Oblast, Western Sayan Mountains

Length: 120 kilometers

Best hiking time: July-September

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are bears in Ergaki, remember not to leave food where the animals are.

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