Mobile Phone: system update or not?

Mobile Phone: system update or not?

Mobile phones have become an indispensable high-tech product for people. In daily life, people often use their cell phones for shopping, chatting, surfing the Internet, etc. They can forget everything when they go out, but they don't forget to bring their cell phones.

At present, most of the cell phones on the market are Android and Apple systems, and each system camp has loyal followers, and each system will be constantly updated and iterated. So, when the phone encounters the system update prompt, we should update it or not?

Cell phone system updates are generally divided into three types: functional updates, system bug fix updates, and system version updates.

First, functional update. This type is a more common update, generally update a new function, if we use the Android phone, generally are open source system, so those new features, generally are optional features, we can decide according to their own situation to update or not.

Second, the system bug fix update. For some system bugs, if there are tips like this update, it is still recommended that we operate according to the official tips. Because there are some phones if there are bugs, it may threaten the security of the phone and the safety of the user, after the update can bring a safer operating environment, while more help to improve the experience.

Third, the system version update. For example, your phone bought with iOS12 system, and iOS13 version released, the phone will prompt you to update, this time you have to consider whether to update? If you have bought the phone for a long time, it is advisable not to update it, because the earlier you buy the iPhone, it may not be suitable for using the new system. The iterations of cell phone hardware are changing day by day, and if subsequent system updates require brand new hardware support, then the old version of the phone may face an awkward situation, and forcing the system to be updated may damage the phone. Therefore, it is important to understand the requirements of the new system for hardware configuration before updating.

Now the life of a cell phone is basically about three or four years, according to the system update frequency, basically will not be outdated, and the software can be well adapted, but the experience is relatively monotonous, no novelty added. Moreover, the system version that the phone is equipped with from the factory is the most suitable version for the optimization experience of the model, and basically there will not be any bugs and other problems. If the phone has not been updated, in fact, there is no problem for the phone.

If individuals prefer to pursue novelty, like to try new features and get a more enriched cell phone experience, it is obvious that upgrading the system is a very necessary thing, whether it is Android or Apple, after a major version update will get new features configuration. Of course, want to constantly upgrade the system, cell phone hardware configuration also need to be able to keep up, if the configuration is not enough, in the system version is constantly pulled up at the same time, the phone will gradually appear lag, flashing and other situations, very affect the use of experience, which is also the reason why many people say that the more updated the phone card. So, although the phone system update is a good thing, but to upgrade also depends on a variety of factors.

If your phone configuration is high enough, and individuals prefer novelty matters, then updating a large version is necessary, if there are bugs can also be maintained in the subsequent small version. The configuration itself is not high, and there is little interest in new versions, try not to upgrade, so as not to bring more burden to the phone instead.

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