5 Best Long-distance Hiking places in China

5 Best Long-distance Hiking places in China

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Hiking is an outdoor activity that is closest to nature. The biggest reason is that we can slow down, meet different people,and enjoy the natural scenery and cultural landscape along the way. This is the charm of hiking. AGM Mobile counts the five most beautiful scenic spots in China, let’s learn about the most beautiful hiking places in China.

Wusun Ancient Road

Hiking time: 9 days

Trail Difficulty: Very difficult

Suitable for the crowd: Those who with hiking and camping experience, and require great physical strength

About Wusun Ancient Road

Among the many classic hiking routes in Xinjiang, if the Shate Ancient Road is famous, the Wolf Tower Road is tyrannical, and the Huanbogda is sacred...then Wusun Ancient Road is undoubtedly famous, tyrannical, and sacred. More shocking beauty.

Here you will encounter

  • Extreme hiking experience: canyon crossing + crossing the Tianshan Mountains + high altitude hiking + zip rope crossing the river + ancient exploration + wading across the river + picnic camping.
  • Journey to search for dreams quietly: Walk quietly with your heart in a place 122 kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city without signal.
  • The dusty history of ancient roads: History is twinkling like a starry sky, and the ancient roads have gone through thousands of years of vicissitudes, and now we are going to explore again.
  • Beautiful Paradise Lake: Paradise Lake is like the tears of angels, where I just want to spend time and watch the years flow.
  • The most beautiful village in China: Qiongkushitai, located in a paradise on the half slope of Tianshan Mountain, is breathtaking with its pure and simple beauty.

Minya Konka

Hiking time: 9 days

Trail Difficulty: Very difficult

Suitable for the crowd: Those who have hiking and camping experience, and require a lot of physical strength

About Minya Konka

Konka, which means "the highest snow mountain" in Tibetan, has a main peak of 7,556 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Sichuan Province, so it is called the "King of Shu Mountains". With the main peak of Konka as the center, there are 145 snow-capped mountains with an altitude of more than 5,000 meters around it, forming a majestic scene surrounded by peaks and connected by snow-capped mountains.

Here we will encounter

  • Punch in the classic scenery: Riwuqie Pass, Zimei Pass, Bawang Sea, classic scenery, all in one go.
  • Internet celebrity Lenggacuo camping: Konka shows its incomparably majestic side in the clouds, Lenggacuo is like a drop of tears left behind by the mountain, staring at its stalwart figure in the illusion mirror.
  • Secret Three Nuncuo: It is only 1.7 kilometers away from Lenggacuo in a straight line. It has a wider field of view than Lenggacuo, but few people know it.
  • Mojingquanhuatan: The five-color pool left behind in Taoyuan, just like a fairyland falling into the world.
  • Experience "crossing the four seasons": snow mountain feast, vast starry sky, night Gongga, permafrost desert, marine glaciers, alpine meadow, flower sea valley, natural hot spring...
  • Private route: Although the journey is difficult, it is "no man's land" everywhere you go.

Kalajun Prairies

Hiking time: 9 days

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Suitable for the crowd: entry-level hiking, with certain requirements for physical strength

About Kalajun

If you don't go to Xinjiang, you don't know the size of China; if you don't go to Yili, you don't know the beauty of Xinjiang. Among the many beautiful scenery in Yili, there is one that attracts the attention of outdoor enthusiasts - KalaJun; the hiking route from KalaJun to Kurdening is also praised by many hiker as "the most beautiful hiking photography route in Tianshan".

As one of the most popular grassland routes in China, this route brings together the essence of the Yili grassland, and it becomes a blockbuster in one shot, and the campsite can also be called a "five-star". Whether you are a novice or an experienced hiker, you can gain a different kind of Xinjiang memory here.

Here we will encounter

  • Most Beautiful Tianshan Hiking Route: The most beautiful hiking route in Tianshan Mountain, which combines the essence of snow mountains, forests, lakes, sea of ​​flowers and Yili grassland.
  • Peak of natural and original beauty: KalaJun peaks and canyons shine, forests and grasslands are inlaid, natural landscapes and cultural landscapes are perfectly integrated, and the most primitive features are still maintained.
  • The beauty of the top mountain flower sea: Every year from May, the five-flower meadow is full of blooming flowers. They are enthusiastically intertwined and spread endlessly in the distance, turning the three-dimensional grassland into a "sky flower sea".
  • The beauty of the ultimate forest wilderness: The undulating forests and grasslands of the Tianshan Snow Mountains are intertwined, the spruce stretches to the foot of the Tianshan Snow Peaks, and the lush virgin forests are crowded with deep canyons.
  • Real nomadic picture scroll: the eagle calls in the pastoral song, and the wind blows the verdant cattle and sheep. A boundless horse flies, and the young man whips and sings pastoral songs. The girl danced her skirt joyfully, and the bonfire sparks ignited the evening sun.

Daocheng Yading

Hiking time: 8 days

Trail Difficulty: difficult

Suitable for the crowd: Those who have hiking and camping experience, and require a lot of physical strength

About Daocheng Yading

Hiking, camping, picnics, high altitude, no-man's land... It is a true portrayal of this trip that the eyes are in heaven and the body is in hell. This is one of the purest, most extreme, most exciting and challenging hiking routes.

Mountains, lakes, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, pastures, valleys, rocks, forests, canyons, seas of clouds, swamps, almost all natural landscapes except deserts on land are included, and you will crawl all the way forward with a pious heart.

Here we will encounter

  • Three sacred mountains: Xian Nairi, Yang Maiyong, and Xia Luoduoji. When the three sacred mountains are displayed in front of your eyes, you will realize what the power of faith is.
  • Three holy lakes: Let’s go to find the sacred lakes under the legendary mountain, where there are countless beautiful legends of Tibetans.
  • City of Aventure: Lijiang Old Town, feel the petty bourgeoisie here, the soft time of people with small bridges and flowing water.
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge Hike: Take an extreme hike in Tiger Leaping Gorge, and experience the thrill of the deepest canyon in China up close on the road.
  • Niru Village: The core of the Three Parallel Rivers World Natural Heritage Site, a paradise deep in the secrets of Shangri-La.
  • Kas Hell Valley: Walking into Kas Hell Valley is like walking into a fairy tale. In Buddhist books, this is the only way for human beings to enter heaven from the mortal world.
  • Serhe Lake: It means "golden pasture lake" in Tibetan, with an altitude of 3,949 meters. The lake is blue and clear. There are three snow-capped mountains in Aden behind it.


Hiking time: 8 days

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Suitable for the crowd: entry-level hiking, suitable for all hiking enthusiasts

About Meili Yubeng

Meili Yubeng is a paradise for countless hikers. There are not only majestic snow mountains, blue sky, snow mountain waterfalls, pure ice lakes, meadow lakes, river valleys, dense forests and other fascinating plateau scenery. It is a paradise in the hearts of the world, surrounded by mountains and dangerous terrain. The remoteness and inconvenient transportation add a touch of mystery to it. There are also simple and kind Tibetans, devout pilgrims, and backpackers who came from thousands of miles here.

Here we will encounter

  • The most complete Yubeng hiking route: the Shenpu line, the ice lake line, and the Ninong Valley line are all taken. In case of rainy weather, do not go to Ninong and experience a complete hike, which is the biggest charm of this trip.
  • Fancy accommodation: accommodation options with the most scenic view, comfort and diversity
  • A variety of natural scenery: snow mountains, Haizi, river valleys, grasslands, flowers, waterfalls, barley fields, virgin forests, Yunnan-Tibet Highway, Rizhao Jinshan...
  • Travel on the tip of the tongue: matsutake stewed chicken, yak meat hot pot, workshop barbecue, farm organic dishes, native chicken hot pot, highland barley wine, self-brewed wine...
  • A variety of travel experience elements: hiking, off-road vehicles, hot springs (newly added), electric vehicle grassland riding, camping, picnics, travel photography...
  • Pilgrimage to Meili Snow Mountain: This is the "first of the eight sacred mountains" in the hearts of Tibetans. It is known as the "God of Snow Mountain" and is world-renowned. No one has climbed to the top so far. The stunning view of the "Sunshine Golden Mountain" here has made countless backpackers yearn for it.
  • Exploring Yubeng Village: Yubeng Village has beautiful scenery, simple folk customs, and the waterfall and ice lake are within reach.

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