AGM G2 GUARDIAN - The first ever 5G rugged smartphone with thermal monocular

AGM G2 GUARDIAN - The first ever 5G rugged smartphone with thermal monocular

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AGM has announced a highly intriguing phone at MWC 2023 that you should be aware of: the AGM G2 Guardian, a rugged smartphone with advanced thermal imaging capabilities. It is currently available for official launch order on the official website, and at a price of $899, it is quite expensive. Not everyone requires a phone with thermal imaging capabilities, so if you are certain that you truly need such a device, I will also inform you if it is worth the $900 price tag.

Thermal monocular

The most notable feature of the G2 Guardian is its long-range thermal monocular. While ordinary thermal imaging phones struggle to detect heat beyond 100 meters due to the gradual dissipation of heat in the air, the G2 Guardian can detect heat up to 500 meters. This impressive capability is the main reason why AGM boldly announced this phone at MWC. The infrared lens not only provides 5.6x telephoto zoom but also supports autofocus, allowing heat sources to be clearly outlined for easy identification of creatures.

To accommodate the latest thermal monocular and a large speaker, the G2 Guardian has a thickness of 2.5 cm and weighs over 400 grams. It may not be comfortable to use with one hand, but this is comparable to flagship phones from Samsung or Xiaomi. Sacrificing some ergonomics in favor of functionality is a trade-off that some people appreciate.

The functionality of the Thermal Sensor Camera App is relatively straightforward. At the top, there are basic options to adjust the ribbon or contrast. In the bottom right corner, there is a switch between two modes: night vision mode and temperature mode. As their names suggest, one is for detecting objects at night, while the other is for measuring object temperatures. The main difference between the modes is the contrast, and there is no need to switch between them frequently.

Why do you need this phone?

AGM provides a few answers to why one would need a long-range thermal monocular instead of a regular thermal imaging phone: night search and rescue. With an extended detection range, the G2 Guardian allows for a larger search and rescue area.

During nighttime, the phone enables you to spot wildlife from a greater distance, avoiding potential encounters and preventing harm. For forest patrol officers, this long-range thermal monocular expands their search capabilities, making it harder for suspicious individuals to hide. It also facilitates early detection of mountain fires. Therefore, this phone is recommended for forest patrollers, landscape photographers, and wilderness enthusiasts.


In addition to the thermal imaging lens, the G2 Guardian features three other lenses: a 108 MP main camera, a 20 MP infrared night vision camera, and a 2 MP macro camera. The main camera captures excellent photos with rich colors, accurate exposure, and impressive clarity, especially in high-resolution mode.



One intriguing aspect of the G2 Guardian is its use of a processor you've likely never heard of before. Even I haven't come across it. The Qualcomm QCM6490 is specifically designed for industrial and commercial IoT applications such as transportation, warehousing, and logistics management.

Although the reasons behind AGM's choice of this chip remain unknown, its performance is not weak. It is comparable to the Snapdragon 782G, achieving an AnTuTu score of 590,000.

This enables the G2 Guardian to achieve an average frame rate of 54fps when playing Genshin Impact with low graphics settings. This is impressive for a rugged phone, as many rugged devices struggle to maintain stable gameplay at even 30fps. The chip also supports 5G networks, making it not much different from a standard phone chip in terms of connectivity.

Other specifications

The G2 Guardian boasts top-of-the-line features among rugged phones. It sports a 120Hz FHD+ panel with Corning Gorilla Glass protection for smoothness and durability. The battery has a capacity of 7000mAh and supports 18W charging. Dual SIM card slots are available, with support for expandable storage of up to 512GB via TF cards. It features dock charging and side fingerprint recognition, as well as a 100-lumen flashlight on top.

There is a headphone jack located at the bottom. If you prefer not to use headphones, the speaker offers a maximum volume of 109dB, equivalent to a portable Bluetooth speaker. To ensure a comfortable listening experience, the volume in the speaker test video has been appropriately reduced.

The AGM G2 Guardian is a highly specialized phone, particularly excelling in the thermal imaging field. If you require a professional-grade, long-range thermal imaging device and prefer not to carry an additional thermal imaging camera in your backpack, this phone is perfect for you. For most people, spending $899 on a rugged phone may not be worthwhile. However, if you have a genuine need for its thermal monocular capabilities, it is worth every penny.

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