What is Dual SIM Dual Standby?

What is Dual SIM Dual Standby?

Mobile phone is an electronic product that we all use frequently. For modern people, mobile phone is very important. Some people even suffer from mobile phone obsessive-compulsive disorder and cannot leave their mobile phones for a minute. With the development of technology and the progress of society, there are more and more brands and types of mobile phones on the market. Among them, the dual-card dual-standby mobile phone is one of them.

DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby) is a new term in the mobile phone industry. DSDS means that a mobile phone can insert two SIM cards and be on standby at the same time.

Simply put, consumers who use GSM dual-card dual-standby mobile phones can use mobile phone numbers of two GSM networks at the same time on one mobile phone, and use CDMA dual-card dual-standby mobile phones, and can use mobile phone numbers of two CDMA networks at the same time.

DSDS mobile phones can generally be set to the following situations: 1, only SIM1 card is enabled; 2, only SIM2 card is enabled; 3, dual-card is enabled. With a DSDS mobile phone, busy people don't need to hold two mobile phones in their hands, which is simple and convenient.

From the perspective of technical implementation, there are several dual-card solutions on the market. One is to use two sets of chipsets, that is, two sets of baseband chips, radio frequency chips and memory systems are installed in the mobile phone, which is equivalent to combining two complete mobile phone motherboards and putting them in the same mobile phone shell. This kind of implementation can support two SIM cards to work at the same time, and there is no need to turn on and off the phone when switching, but the problem is that its cost is almost twice that of ordinary mobile phones, and the power consumption is often twice that of normal mobile phones. Many bulky DSDS mobile phones on the Internet use this solution. One is to add an analog switch (Analog Switch) to the traditional mobile phone chipset to manually switch the network. The latter is usually the implementation of dual-card single-standby mobile phones, but later some companies use it in dual-standby mobile phones, which is prone to problems such as incompatibility with various SIM cards and immature control software, and the drop rate during calls. very high.

Advantages of DSDS mobile phone:

The reason why DSDS mobile phones are favored by people is because of some of his advantages. The first advantage of the DSDS mobile phone is that it can standby two mobile phone cards at the same time, so that we can separate work and life, one work number and one life number, which is very convenient. Another advantage is that you can use another mobile phone card to make a call when one mobile phone card cannot be answered, and you will not miss important information.

Disadvantages of DSDS mobile phone:

Dual SIM dual standby mobile phone has some advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Its first disadvantage is that it consumes too much electricity. Since the DSDS mobile phone needs to run the functions of two mobile phones at the same time, it consumes a lot of power. The second is that dual-card dual-standby mobile phones are easy to confuse the two cards when using them, resulting in various errors.

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