How do night vision cameras work in the dark?

How do night vision cameras work in the dark?

Why we need night vision camera?

When our society develops to a certain level, people will naturally begin to explore unknown areas, and darkness has been the biggest obstacle on the road of human exploration since ancient times. Even with the invention of electric lights to disperse the darkness, however, in many places and occasions are not suitable or do not have the conditions to use lighting equipment, so instead of our "eyes" to observe the world in the dark - night vision camera was born.  

In the highly developed modern city, there are many locations and occasions that need 24-hour monitoring are not able to provide overnight lighting, because doing so is not only a huge waste of resources, but also light pollution. In the remote wild world, many creatures start to move after nightfall, the light may seriously disrupt the biological clock of these animals. And at these times are necessary for the figure of the night vision camera, then, how does the night vision camera "night vision" it? Next I will introduce you to the principle behind the night vision camera.  

The technical knowledge behind infrared light

At present, the night vision cameras we use are basically infrared night vision cameras, as the name implies, is the use of infrared technology to achieve "night vision" function of the camera. Before understanding the principle of infrared night vision cameras, we need to understand the technical knowledge of infrared light.  

We all know that visible light is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and violet light with wavelengths ranging from long to short, and those with wavelengths greater than visible red light are collectively referred to as infrared light. Although we cannot observe the existence of infrared light with the naked eye, objects still reflect infrared light. Since there is no visible light or only weak visible light in a dark environment, objects cannot reflect or can only reflect a small amount of visible light to our retina, so we cannot or can only see a part of objects in a dark environment. The night vision camera can use the infrared transmitting device on the camera to emit infrared light waves. These light waves are reflected on the surrounding objects and are captured by the infrared receiving device of the night vision camera. This allows night vision cameras to discern the influence of people or objects around them without emitting visible light waves.  

Components of the night vision camera

The main components of the night vision camera are also very simple. The most basic infrared camera is composed of the camera shell, the infrared lamp board, the camera lens, and the camera motherboard. The function and introduction of the infrared light board is to use electric energy to make the wick in the infrared light board emit infrared light waves and project them. The reflected infrared light is transmitted to the main board through the lens, and then the main board converts the optical signal into an electrical signal and finally converts it into a video signal for output. In this way, we can observe objects in the dark through night vision cameras. 

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