How to keep your phone battery healthy?

How to keep your phone battery healthy?

The frequent use of cell phones has made cell phone battery charging a common concern.

The batteries of electronic products have a service life, for example, the battery power of a new cell phone can last a whole day, but after two or three years, the battery life does not seem to be so durable. What's going on? How to charge properly to make the battery last longer?

Does the phone always have to be charged to 100%?

Some people keep their phones fully charged all the time, righteously maintaining enough power to feel safe. However, leaving the battery in a full or high charge state for a long time will accelerate the aging of the battery and make it less durable. Therefore, you should unplug the charger instantly after the phone is fully charged to avoid being in a high battery state for a long time in order to extend the battery life.

Some cell phone manufacturers have already taken into account that most people's habits are to charge their phones at night before going to bed. In order to alleviate battery aging, some phones are charged at night by first fast charging the phone to 80% power, then switching to trickle charging method for slow charging, and then charging the phone battery from 80% to 100% two hours before waking up according to each user's morning waking habits. This design allows for a more durable battery.

Note: When the power is close to 100%, the charging speed becomes very slow. People habitually call this stage trickle charging and regard this stage as the stage to protect the battery life.

Battery level below 20% before starting charging?

Generally speaking, let the phone keep at 30%-80% battery power can be more durable, when the power is below 20%, you need to charge the phone in time, but it is not necessary to wait until the power is less than 20% before you need to charge, lithium-ion batteries are suitable for multiple, small amount of charging, than a one-time fast full more to keep the battery in a healthy state for a long time, this charging method can also increase the cycle number of the battery. 

When charging the phone first plug the phone or charger?

The correct step to charge your phone is to plug it into an electrical outlet first, and then plug the data cable into your phone.

Following the correct steps to charge your phone will not completely eliminate surges, but it will go a long way in avoiding the effects of excessive surges directly on your phone.

Unplug your phone first after charging. Because when unplugging the charger, it is easy to generate reverse transient current, which may also lead to a series of problems such as accelerated battery aging and shortened battery life.

Note: Surge, a transient overvoltage beyond the normal operating voltage, occurs in just a few millionths of a second of time in a transient and violent pulse.

 How to maximize the life of the cell phone battery?

1, away from high temperature environment

Charging temperature as far as possible to maintain between 16 ℃ -22 ℃, when cell phones and other devices for a long time in the environment of more than 35 ℃, the battery may occur permanent damage, can no longer power the device for a long time, in a very cold environment when using the phone, although the phone battery use time will also be reduced, but this situation is only temporary. When the battery temperature returns to the normal range, its performance will also return to normal.

2, keep half of the power

If the electronic devices containing lithium-ion batteries are not used for a long time, the percentage of battery power before storage is also critical. When not using electronic devices for a long time, do not fully charged or fully discharged, the device charge should be kept at about 50%.

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