How to protect the privacy of mobile phones?

How to protect the privacy of mobile phones?

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In the era of big data, personal privacy and mobile phone data leakage have become common phenomena. Although we have taken great care not to leave any personal information in public places, there are still businesses and software that we have not followed send harassing text messages. Perhaps we have been forced to get used to these behaviors subconsciously, and the thoughts in our minds gradually evolved from "Where did he get my mobile phone number?" But the privacy leak doesn't stop there. When you open various mobile apps, you will find that the relevant recommendation in the search box seems to be the content of the chat with someone just now. If you swipe down, the recommended advertisement turns out to be the product we just wanted to buy recently. Is Big Data Really That Accurate? 

In fact, most of the reasons why our ideas have been explored so thoroughly are caused by mobile apps. When people use smart software for the first time, they will pop up some usage permissions. Under normal circumstances, in order to avoid trouble, we do not look at the privacy regulations of the app. After choosing to agree to all of them, some unscrupulous apps have the opportunity to view the personal information and usage data in the mobile phone at will, and then upload the server after a large amount of time. After data analysis, they can push content to us for some illegal profit-making activities.

Although many products on the market are now equipped with user-friendly functions, such as photo sharing and desensitization, screen projection information hiding, advertising tracking restrictions, etc., they are all based on the user's privacy rights and interests to ensure users' privacy and security as much as possible. experience.

However, in addition to the privacy protection of Internet products, as users, we cannot completely rely on operators, and we also need to take some measures to regulate privacy data. The author lists several protection measures below to make your privacy data more secure when you use your mobile phone. .

5 tips to teach you how to protect your mobile phone privacy 

1. When browsing information on the APP or web page, limit advertising tracking, so that advertisers cannot push personalized advertisements to you, block continuous tracking of you, and all your characteristic data and browsing data will be deleted.

2. When sharing photos on the APP, selectively delete the photo shooting location, time, equipment and other information, and share wonderful, but do not share privacy; 

3. When using the APP, if the microphone/camera/location provides the "authorization" and "permit only during use" functions, you can try to cancel the authorization and use the location function; 

4. If you don't want to expose your call privacy, you can use VoIP. As the "new darling" of the telephone communication software, the Internet telephony software. The intelligent revealing and concealing function of VoIP effectively avoids the privacy leakage of the user's mobile phone number; it also has the function of encrypting the voice of the call. When this function is turned on, no one can check your call records, and you can also permanently delete your calls. Record, no one can find your call information. 

5. Turn off the health data in your phone, because there are many apps that secretly steal your health and location data, so you can turn off or delete your real data regularly to avoid leakage. 

AGM Mobile attaches great importance to the privacy of users, and we hope that the above information will be helpful to our dear users.

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