I must say something for the rugged phone

I must say something for the rugged phone

As a niche branch of Smartphone, Rugged Phone has been misunderstood all the time. I hope my article can clear up some misunderstandings about Rugged Phone. Now I ask you a question, you can answer it silently in your heart, what do you think of when you mention Rugged Phone? How many people thought, isn't this just a cheap phone in a stupidly bulky case?

This is very wrong. First of all, the rugged phone is not as cheap as you think. Some rugged phones are even more expensive than many famous smartphones. For example, this phone, the AGM Glory Pro, is priced as high as $819.99. I'll admit that the rugged phone is a bit heavier than the average smartphone, and that has to do with its functionality and design, which can also have unexpected benefits.

I can tell you responsibly that the functions of the rugged phone far exceed that of the smart phone. The functions of ordinary smart phones can be provided by the rugged phone, but the functions of the rugged phone may not necessarily be provided by ordinary smart phones. Next, I will give an example to illustrate my point.

The most important feature of a rugged phone is waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof. If rugged phone can't do this, it can't be called rugged phone.

Many people will say that if it is for anti-fall, then I can buy a mobile phone protective case and tempered film to achieve this purpose, but the question is, what if the mobile phone falls into the water? What about the phone falling into the sand? Phone cases and tempered films may not protect your smartphone at all, and if you drop it in water or sand, it will cause irreversible damage to your phone. At present, many brands of rugged phones on the market have passed the IP68/IP69k test and MIL-STD-810H certification. If you don't know what these tests mean, you can read this article. Basically, you can understand that when you throw your phone into the water and pick it up, the phone can still be used normally.

In addition, the two most important functions of ordinary mobile phones are taking pictures and playing games. Today's rugged phone manufacturers know how important these two functions are to mobile phone users, so they attach great importance to the user experience of these two functions. Only by giving users the best experience can they be loved by users.

Next, let me give you an example, AGM H5 Pro has 4 cameras installed on the back of the phone, 48MP Main Camera, 2MP Macro Camera, 20MP Front Camera, in addition to 20MP Infrared Night Vision Camera, which can meet your different photo needs, Whether you want to take selfies, take long-range shots, take close-up shots, or even take clear photos at night, this rugged phone can also meet your needs.

this is a photo taken by rugged phone

There are still many users who like to play games, but they may encounter the problem of freezing, but this phone really won't let you encounter such problems, because the processor of this phone is MediaTek helio G85, no matter if you are an avid gamer or a demanding professional, you can rely on MediaTek helio G85 processor both while playing the newest games or multi-tasking through a busy day.

In addition, the rugged phone has many other powerful functions, which I will explain to you in other blog articles.

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