How much memory and storage should I buy for a phone in 2024?

How much memory and storage should I buy for a phone in 2024?

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It is recommended that 8+128G be considered as a starting point, 12+256G as a standard, and 16+512G as a long-term consideration.
The reason for this recommendation is mainly because the current mobile phone system and APP applications not only occupy more and more running memory, but also consume more and more storage space.
Because of this, if you want your phone to be used daily without lag, 8+128G can be said to be the minimum requirement. If you often use your phone heavily and want your phone to be smooth and last longer, 12+256G is more recommended and can be used as a "standard" choice. And if you want your mobile phone to have a service life of 3-4 years or even longer, then 16+512G and 16G+1T are more suitable to buy.

Briefly talk about phone running memory
1. Memory? Or storage?
In fact, both names are fine, and there is not much difference, but it is usually called "storage" more often. The running memory of a mobile phone has basically the same function as the memory stick of a computer. It determines the upper limit of the applications that we can open at the same time while using the mobile phone. The larger the running memory, the more tasks will be processed at the same time.
In addition, the current processing mechanism of the Android system is to allow customers to switch between multiple tasks more smoothly. Therefore, generally when switching an open application to the background, the system will automatically keep the application and continue to run in the background. However, when the phone is turned on The longer the time goes on, the more applications will stay in the background, and therefore the more stuck it will be.
Therefore, when the mobile phone's running memory has enough space, more applications can reside in the background, so that you will not switch after opening several applications and find that some applications have been killed by the system.

Let’s talk about mobile phone storage space
The running memory determines the number of applications resident in the background at the same time, while the storage space determines the upper limit of the number of applications downloaded and files stored on the mobile phone (in addition, when the storage space usage is close to the critical value, the mobile phone will become increasingly laggy) .
I currently use two mobile phones at the same time, one for work and one for daily life, both equipped with 512G storage space. Even so, the one used for work has taken up more than 200G of space. If it is 256G, it will be obvious. It will not be enough (of course my situation will be a bit special, because there are many documents stored on my mobile phone every day).

Some suggestions for mobile phone storage capacity:
It is recommended to start with 128G storage space. Currently, new Android phones rarely have less than 128G storage space. Apple only has some iPhone 12 and previous models that have 64G storage versions.
If you often take photos or videos, or cache a lot of TV series and movies, or you want your phone to last longer, you can consider starting with 256G, and 512G or 1TB storage space is better.

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