I did not expect this $170 Android tablet to be as impressive as it is

I did not expect this $170 Android tablet to be as impressive as it is

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Many would say Android has a stranglehold on the global market share because of inexpensive phones and tablets. There are billions of people on the planet who simply cannot afford the price tag of the latest Galaxy Tab Ultra or iPad Pro, and that's where the more affordable Android options come into play.

Throw a rock into the internet, and you'll find countless inexpensive Android tablets. I've tested a number of them over the years, and although they may not perform at the level of devices costing five times the price, they are fully capable of serving anyone in need of a mobile gadget that just works.

Such is the case with the AGM Pad P2. This 4G LTE-capable Android tablet is impressive, especially when you consider its sub-$200 price point.

The specs

  • 11" FHD 90Hz display
  • MediaTek Helio G99 chipset 8-core at 2.2Ghz
  • 8GB RAM with 256GB internal storage
  • 50MP rear camera, 8MP front camera
  • Widevine L1 certification (allows you to play HD or 4K content when the highest resolution is available)
  • 7,850mAh battery with 20W fast charging
  • OS - Android 14
  • Weight - 530g
  • Thickness 7.5mm

My experience

I've come to understand what cost-effective Android tablets mean. You typically get mid-range hardware, older versions of the OS, and bloatware. This time around, I was taken by surprise. Although the AGM Pad P2 does offer a less-premium hardware experience, it ships with the latest Android 14 and little to no bloatware. 

Also: I love everything about this budget Android tablet (especially the price)

In fact, you get a fairly vanilla version of the operating system and three apps you might not usually find on a tablet: FM Radio, TabletManager, and SIM Toolkit. Other than that, it's all a standard Android experience, and that's a good thing. Because there's no added UI or bloatware, the AGM Pad P2 runs really well out of the box. Apps open quickly, animations are smooth, and video plays without skipping or buffering (so long as you're on a decent network). Honestly, this tablet performs as though it could sell for twice the cost.

The only thing that gives away the price is the included case, which is on the flimsy side. The case does have what looks like a slot for a pen, but the tablet doesn't ship with one.

If you want a tablet for normal use and entertainment, the AGM Pad P2 gets my recommendation, and it'll only set you back $169.

Written by Jack Wallen From ZDNET, Contributing Writer

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