Rugged Smartphones are actually more powerful than ordinary smartphones

Rugged Smartphones are actually more powerful than ordinary smartphones

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I have done a user research before, mentioning "what do you think of when you hear rugged phone", I was surprised that many people mentioned Nokia 3310, the research address is as follows, is indeed a model of rugged phone, we can devide rugged phone into 2 categories, feature phone and rugged smartphone. The rugged smartphone has been developed over a long period of time, and now its functions are more powerful than those of ordinary smartphones. I can say this, as far as the function is concerned, rugged smartphone can completely replace the ordinary smartphone, but the ordinary smartphone can never replace the rugged smartphone.
AGM is a professional manufacturer of rugged smartphones, I'll take AGM Glory Pro as an example. The following features are not available on ordinary smartphones.

Glory Pro is IP68/IP69k/MIL-STD-810H certified

The IP Code denotes the degree of protection provided by your device's internal casings and enclosures against dust, intrusion, and most importantly water.
IP68-rated machine can go up to 1.5m for the same amount of time, IP69k means that the phone would be able to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature jet sprays, steam-cleaning, or washdowns.

Arctic Battery/ Cold Resistent Battery

The Glory Pro can be used continuously for 22 hours at -27 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a very powerful feature. In more extreme conditions, many phones will fail, but not the Glory Pro.

Thermal Imaging Technology

AGM Glory Pro phone thermal imaging technology is the industry's top, with twice the resolution and 1/2of the reaction time than the best phone thermal imaging in the market.
Measures all objects within 5 meters.
Industrial Mode Accuracy: ± 2.0°C, ranging from rather -20°C ~ 150°C, or 100°C ~ 550°C.

I just gave a few examples, there are many other features that are not available in a normal smartphone. If you want to know more, you can come to our website and have a look.

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