Why regular smartphone is useless in extreme cold condition?

Why regular smartphone is useless in extreme cold condition?

First, we need to know what extreme cold is. According to the Department of Emergency Management and Safety Services, extreme cold can be considered any temperature below the freezing point (32 degrees Fahrenheit).
When the temperature drops low enough, you'll notice all sorts of problems with your phone: Sluggish response! Crazy battery drops! Dead phone! It simply shuts down! At this point you think it's the quality of the phone that's at fault, but in reality you don't know it's the low temperature that's to blame.
Smartphones are generally installed with lithium batteries, which work on the principle that the internal electrolyte through a chemical reaction, the formation of potential differences, thereby generating current. In low temperature environment, the chemical reaction of lithium battery slows down, so the discharge current becomes smaller and the power drops. And when the phone turns on the battery low temperature protection, there may be automatic shutdown phenomenon.
The iPhone has a clear statement on the official website that the normal operating temperature is 0~35℃; the best use temperature is 22℃; and the limit temperature is -20~45℃. Of course, we know that iPhone work less than normal when they are close to about 0℃! So, what about Android phones? In fact, it is similar.
So in winter time, or colder areas, the use of cell phones can easily cause problems, and in some more extreme cases, your life will be threatened. For example, snow climbing, you encounter some special situation, you have to seek help, if you bring a normal phone, it is likely to automatically shut down long ago, so in similar situations, we need an unusual phone, this phone needs to be able to maintain normal operation even in extreme cold conditions.
This unusual phone is the AGM Glory Pro, I am proud to say that with AGM Cold Resistant Battery, the phone can be used continuously for 22 hours at -27°C, 10 hours at -30°C and one hour at -40°C.

Why is AGM Cold Resistant Battery unusual?

1, Heat Protection System
With the redesigned structure, Glory will prevent heat evacuation under cold environments. All generated heat will be delivered across the components, boosting the cold resistance of the inner structure.

2, AGM Battery Activation
The vitality of any lithium battery will decay under extreme coldness, with the AGM Battery Activation Solution, Glory's lithium battery will remain vital under -27°C. Proven by the Thermal Shock Test, AGM Glory is also adaptive to 60°C and other tough situations.

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