AGM H5 Pro Review: Night-Vision Rugged Phone With a Loudest Speaker

AGM H5 Pro Review: Night-Vision Rugged Phone With a Loudest Speaker

AGM H5 Pro

Two months ago, we got our hands on the AGM G1S, an impressive rugged phone with an infrared camera. And today we are gonna talk about another model from the brand, the AGM H5 Pro. It’s also a brand-new rugged phone with more affordable pricing, coming with the loudest speakers and an incredible night vision camera.

Although this is an entry-level product, AGM still provides a complete set of accessories, including a USB cable, an 18W charger, the quick start guide, and a Card PIN.

Just like other rugged phones, the H5 Pro looks very robust at first glance but not so sharp. When holding it in hands, you can feel the curve of the phone body fit well in your palm, and the four corners of the H5 Pro are reinforced with rubber material to cope with those most violent crashes.

The back cover of the phone has a Kevlar-like texture that protects the phone from scratching while also increasing the friction for holding, which did feel safe in hands. On the top of the back cover, you can see a large speaker module that produces up to 109db of sound, which is pretty amazing when we got the sound test result.

The fingerprint sensor is located at the upper center, which means that the phone can be easily unlocked no matter which hand is holding it. The volume button and power button are on the right side of the phone, while on the other side, there is a customizable Side-button, you can make a trigger for activating certain functions in the system settings.


In terms of connectivity, the AGM H5 Pro maintains the configuration of a type-C USB plus a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it is worth mentioning that it also supports FM audio. You can plug the wired headphones into the phone as an FM antenna and then listen to many radio channels.

Rugged features

The AGM H5 Pro is IP68 rated, which means it can safely stay underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters, or even withstand 99% dust environments. And the phone is also highly resistant to drops or crashes. It’s also able to survive repeated drops from 1.5 meters.

Camera & Night Vision

Now let’s focus on its camera system. You can’t expect a rugged phone to do everything well. Especially at this price point, I can only say that the AGM H5 Pro can meet the needs of daily shooting, these photos are not particularly impressive. Especially when under low lighting conditions, the detail and color of the images shot on regular lenses would be hard to compare to some regular phones.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, the most important thing is that it has a special night vision camera featuring 20MP resolution, which can help you see everything at night. All you need is to tap the icon to enter the night vision mode and you will see all the differences.

These graphics remind me of some FPS game scenes in which the role turns on the night vision equipment. It’s clear that this feature is very helpful to those who need good vision at night when exploring the outdoors. You might need to wear very professional equipment to achieve the vision before. Now you just need to take out the phone and you can see the various dangers lurking in the darkness.

Powerful Speaker

Before today the smartphones I’ve tested generally have a maximum speaker volume of about 85db, while this monster in front of me can create a maximum volume of 109db. And around this huge speaker, there is an RGB light ring that can create different lighting effects when playing music. It looks like something good for parties.

Performance for daily use

The AGM H5 Pro is powered by an Helio G85 chip and runs on Android 12, which is quite common on rugged models. But I kind of like the pure operating system. Apart from the necessary features and GMS, there are almost no third-party APPs pre-installed on this phone. The software has good response with smooth animation, and although this 6.52-inch screen doesn’t support a high refresh rate, It’s quite surprising that it hardly feels laggy when swiping between pages.

The H5 Pro can run the most popular casual games or FPS games smoothly under low or standard graphics. But I still want to say that the phone is not for those RPG games that require high performance or high graphics. But the good point is that you don’t really need to worry about the heating issue or power draining that we generally got on a regular flagship phone.

Battery & Charge

Compared to AGM’s flagship products, the H5 Pro has a larger battery. The 7000mAh battery supports 10 hours of continuous gaming and up to 423 hours of standby. I believe that no one would continuously play games for 10 hours on such a rugged phone. A benefit brought by the large battery is that it allows you to focus your mind on things that are really worth paying attention to, but not keep finding a charger for it. However, one thing you should note is that the charger’s maximum output is only 18 watts, so you’d better fully charge it before you set off.

And it’s interesting that AGM brought a special feature of wireless charging for the rugged phone. But it’s not the common way with charging coils that we saw before. There’s an exclusive wireless charging base for the H5 Pro. So you can see the metal contacts at the back, which are particularly prepared for the wireless power supply.


So that’s all we wanna share with you about the AGM H5 Pro. Well like other rugged phones, it’s not a performance-focused phone, but as an affordable Rugged phone, it’s quite balanced as a function-oriented model that has an impressive speaker and a night vision camera. And meanwhile, it also features a few useful tools that may be helpful for outdoors or fieldwork. So no matter for going on a solo safari, camping with friends, or just finding a tool for your daily work, it’ll be a pretty reliable companion.


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